Chalet Theatre

An independent movie theater and concert venue
The Chalet Theatre works with to create a user friendly informative website and event posters.
πŸ“” Objectives
πŸ€” Solutions
πŸ‘ Results
Help the Chalet Theatre create a website that works on not just desktop, but tablet and mobile devices. Unlike the old website, it needs to be easily updated by management. Since the venue now hosts events such as concerts and comedy shows, a calendar and a way to purchase tickets are needed as well.
πŸ—“οΈπŸŽŸοΈ built a new website that is responsive (easily adjusts between desktop and mobile devices). With movie showtimes first, an organized list of event posters that allow you to purchase tickets and view event info, and links to pricing and more.
The site now presents visitors with all information in order of importance - starting with movie showtimes, followed by upcoming movies and events. The site is coded from scratch to fit the needs of all visitor devices and optimized to load as fast as possible. On the business side, The Chalet Theatre management is able to easily update the website securily with just a few clicks.
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