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Custom apparel made easy
OOAK Prints worked with trenta.media to make it easier for their customers to place orders.
📔 Objectives
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Help OOAK Prints streamline their ordering process and save them and their customers time.
To speed up the process for customers, we built the new site from the ground up while optimizing it for speed. We then developed a step-by-step educational ordering process. This in turn saves both customers and OOAK a lot of back-and-forth communication.
The OOAK site today is optimized for speed as verified by Google's PageSpeed Insight saving on load times and improving SEO. The clothing ordering process has been simplified - a step-by-step process that allows customers to not worry about picking specific garments and printing methods and allowing OOAK recommend the best fit based on quality and price. This has cut down on questions from both the customer and business since these things are addressed in the ordering process.
Laptop and Phone showing the OOAK website in action

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